Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weekly Report 1: "Syria" Due on February 4

You can submit here your weekly summary of one article you have read in one of the newspapers or magazines listed on the syllabus. Keep in mind that you ought to use a different newspaper or magazine each week. Make sure you include the Internet address (URL) of the article you have read.

The topic for this week's weekly report is "Syria." What the heck is going on there? The latest news." Find an article on any non-American newspaper (from the Middle East or Europe) about the latest developments, especially about the peace talks in Switzerland that are goun on right now, and write a summary of that article and post it on your Blog. Make sure to add the URL of the source you have used. I'll ask 2 students (randomly) to report on what they have read.

This weekly report is due on Sunday, February 4 by Midnight.

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