Sunday, February 25, 2018

Welcome to the Arab World - اهلا وسهلا في العالم العربي

Since 9/11 many people have lamented the lack of knowledge students and other people have about the outside world, especially the Middle East, the Arab and Muslim cultures. In ancient times, the present Middle East was the “cradle of civilization” and the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. What is the Arab World today? It is an unknown and misunderstood world in turmoil.
This course will offer an introduction to and an overview of the history, culture, politics and current events of the Arab world in the Middle East and Africa. The students will also be introduced to the Arab-American community and its contribution to culture and politics in the United States. One integral part of the class is a weekly discussion of current events in the Arab World, i.e. the situation in Iraq, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen, US policy toward the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the US war on terrorism.
Required Books:

  1. Al Aswany, Alaa. The Yacoubian Building. New York, London, ... Harper. 2002
  2. Margaret K. Nydell. Understanding Arabs. A Guide for Modern Times. Boston: Intercultural Press. 4th Edition 2006
  3. Salih, Tayeb. The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid. On Blackboard under Course Documents
  4. Zepp, Ira. A Muslim Primer. 2nd edition. Fayettevile: University of Arkansas Press, 2000
  5. Films and other readings can be found on Blackboard under Course Documents or are on reserve at the library.

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