Monday, May 2, 2016

Reflection 7: Final Reflection Due on May 5

In your final reflection for the course, please read your very first reflection and think about the entire semester and what you have learned. Did the course fulfill your expectations, i.e. did you achieve what you wanted? Do you have a better understanding of the Arab World? Explain. Elaborate! This is not an evaluation of the course and the professor. I am more interested in your subjective opinion about how much you learned and what you wish we would have covered more or less. Your reflection should be honest, plain and to the point. Keep in mind that I do respect and value all opinions expressed in the reflections. Due on Thursday, May 5 by midnight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Report 8: "Arab-American Writers" Due in Thursday, April 28 before 9:40 a.m.

Please find information about an Arab-American writer/poet and write a short biography of this person. Due on Thursday, April 28 by 9:40 am.

Weekly Report 7: "Arab-Americans" or "Muslim-Americans." Due on April 24

Weekly Report 7: "Arab-Americans" or "Muslim-Americans." Please find information about an Arab-American writer/poet/actor/ athlete/politician/… and write a short biography of this person. Due on Sunday, April 24 by 9 pm.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Weekly Report 6: "Alaa Al Aswany" or "Egyptian Literature" Due on April 10

Weekly Report 7: "Alaa Al Aswany and his role in the revolution in Egypt." or "Egyptian Literature Today - Who is who?" Find any article on-line about one of the 2 topics and write a report on that. Due on Sunday, April 10 by midnight.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekly Report 5: "The USA and the Arab World" Due on April 4

Weekly Report 5: "The USA and the Arab World" Find a recent article in any newspaper about the US involvement in the Arab World (politically, militarily, culturally, socially, whatever area is fine). The article must be from the last 14 days, March 20-April 3. Due on Monday, April 4 by midnight.

Reflection 5: Israel/Palestine & Fieldtrip to Washington, DC Due on April 3

Reflection 5 Consider the materials we have read about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, discussions we had in class and the lectures you heard by Professor Zaru and in the Palestine Center:  What do you think would be a just, durable and good solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem? Make sure that you explain what you think. Reflection is due by Sunday, April 3 by midnight. 

Weekly Report 4: "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Due on March 27

Weekly Report 4: "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Find a recent article (in a newspaper from Israel or Palestine) about the latest developments in the conflict. " Due on Sunday, March 27 by midnight.