Thursday, April 12, 2018

Paper #2: The Yacoubian Building. Due on Thursday, April 19

Paper 2: Discuss one of the issues presented in the book The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany, e.g. How does the author portray Egyptian society in the 21st century? Why do you think that the book was controversial in Egypt and the Arab World? What is the role of sexual desires and homosexuality in the novel? What are the roots of radical Muslim movements as portrayed in the book? Other topics can be: gender relations in the book; class differences; role of women in Egyptian society; police brutality and corruption in Egyptian society, etc. 

The paper must be at least 1000 words (typed, double-spaced) each, including in-text citations for all quotations, as well as a “works cited” list including all Internet sites you have used at the end of the paper, all in the proper MLA style. Please include a word count at the bottom of your essay. You MUST write out and sign the honor code at the end of your essays. You MUST submit a hard copy of your paper on the day it is due. 
You must use at least 3 scholarly sources (books or articles). Do not use any web resources that are not scholarly (no popular web sources such as TV stations or daily news papers). The novel itself is a primary source that you must list on your Works Cited page, but it is not a scholarly source.  Paper 2 is due on Thursday, April 19.

Extra Credit Weekly Report: "Alaa Al Aswany" or "Egyptian Literature" -Due on April 8

Extra Credit Weekly Report: "Alaa Al Aswany and his role in the revolution in Egypt." or "Egyptian Literature Today - Who is who?" Find any article on-line about one of the 2 topics and write a report on that. Due on Monday, April 9.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Reflection 6: Lecture by Dr. Leahy Due on April 5

Reflection 6 What issues did Dr. Leahy cover in her lecture?  How does that relate to the relationship of the USA to the Arab World/ Middle East? Do you agree or disagree with her characterization. Why? Why not? Explain and elaborate! Due on Thursday, April 5, by midnight  
The USA and the Arab World: 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekly Report 5: "The USA and the Arab World" Due on April 1

Weekly Report 5: "The USA and the Arab World" Find a recent article in any newspaper about the US involvement in the Arab World (politically, militarily, culturally, socially, whatever area is fine). The article must be from the last 2 weeks, March 20-April 1. Due on Sunday, April 1 by midnight.

Reflection 5: Israel/Palestine & Fieldtrip to Washington, DC Due on March 29

Reflection 5 Consider the materials we have read about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, discussions we had in class and the lectures you heard by Professor Zaru and in the Palestine Center:  What do you think would be a just, durable and good solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem? Make sure that you explain what you think. Reflection is due by Thursday March 29by midnight. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Reflection 4: Guest Lecture by Dr. Boukhars. Due on March 20

Reflection 4 is about the lecture of Dr. Boukhars. Please consider what Dr. Boukhars talked about, especially how ISIS was created and what are the reasons for its rise. How did his lecture inform you about radical Islamist groups such ISIS and their ideology and theology? What did he say about the Sunni Shia divide? What political actors did he mention and what is their roles in the crisis in the Middle East and the Arab World? In the second part of his talk, he talked about the profile of the terrorists who committed the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Please summarize some of the 7-8 points he mentioned.   Due on Tuesday, March 20 by midnight.

Weekly Report 4: "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Due on March 25

Weekly Report 4: "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" Find a recent article (in a newspaper from Israel or Palestine) about the latest developments in the conflict. " Due on Sunday, March 25 by midnight.