Saturday, March 3, 2018

Reflection 3: Concert oby Ramzi Aburedwan. Due on March 1

Reflection 3 is about the Concert by Ramzi Aburedwan and the Dal'ouna Ensemble.

Now that you have attended a live concert by Ramzi Abu Redwan
and the Dal'ouna Ensemble what is your take on an Arabic (Palestinian) music? How is what you heard and experienced different or similar to other concerts/ music you know or you are familiar with? Name a few of the instruments that the musicians used. Reflect on at least one of the pieces they played. Which one did you like the most? Why? Give concrete examples and incorporate the reading.
Elaborate on what you write and try to incorporate what you have read into your reaction.You may want to incorporate what you have read about "Music of the Middle East" into your reflection. The article is available on Bb under Course Documents. Reflection is due on Thursday, March 1 by midnight.

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