Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly Report 3: Musicians of the Arab World. - Due on Feb. 28

Find information about  Musicians of the Arab World." Write a report on any famous musician (dead or alive) from any country in the Arab world.  Due on Sunday, February 28, by midnight.

Reflection 3: Concert or Drumming Session with Massamba Diop. Due on March 3

Reflection 3 is either about the evening concert by Massamba Diop ( or about the drumming session/ lecture by Jon Seligman and Massamba Diop.  How did you like the drumming session with Jon Seligman?

Elaborate on what you write and try to incorporate what you have read into your reaction.
You may want to incorporate what you have read about "Music of the Middle East" into your reflection. The article is available on Bb under Course Documents. Reflection is
due on Thursday, March 3 by midnight


Friday, February 19, 2016

Paper #1 Due on Tuesady, Feb. 23

Paper #1: Choose any specific topic related to Islam and write a paper discussing this topic, i.e. the story of Prophet Muhammad, the Qur’ān, Islamic Spain, Women in Islam, Jihad in Islam, Sunnis and Shiites in Islam, Sharia or Islamic Law, the 4 Caliphs, Mary and Jesus in the Qur’an, etc. Due on Tuesday, February 23.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reflection 2: Guest Lecture by Dr. Deveny Due on February 18

Reflection 2 is about Al-Andalus, the Islamic legacy of Spain and Dr. Deveny’s guest lecture. 
Here are some questions about the lecture by Dr. Deveny and also the readings that are due today. These questions should help you write your reflection and are meant as a guide for the midterm exam. Make sure that you spell Arabic, Spanish and other names and words correctly. You should use the list of terms that Dr. Deveny distributed in class. Just keep in mind that all of this will be part of the midterm. Reflection is due On Thursday, Feb. 18, by midnight.
  • Who ruled Spain prior to 711? What groups did live there?
  • Why should we study about Cordoba?
  • What does make Spain interesting for us?
  • Who and when did the conquest of Spain begin? Name the 2 leaders and discuss their heritage?
  • Why were the Muslim armies so successful in conquering Spain?
  • What is the Arabic name for Andalusia and where did it come from? What does it mean?
  • When, at which battle and by whom were the Muslim armies stopped?
  • Name at least 3 Spanish cities that played an important role during the Muslim rule?
  • Which architectural and historic monuments do you associate with these three cities?
  • What are the characteristics of Arabic-Muslim architecture found in mosques and palaces in Spain?
  • Who were the Mozarabs?
  • How many and what kind of books were the library in Cordoba in the 9th and 10th centuries? Why is this an amazing fact?
  • In what areas did the Arabic language influence the Spanish language and culture? Give concrete examples!
 Due on Thursday, February 18 by midnight.